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France is definitely the place to consider an outdoor wedding, especially in the South and South West of France, where the weather can be perfect for your alfresco wedding. Maybe you’re having a home wedding or needing some more space to house your guests. If so then our suppliers can create you the most amazing marquees and canopies with stunning décor and accessories to match.

Premium Partners

La Bonne Fete

La Bonne Fete

La Bonne Fete is an English speaking company that specialises in providing Marquee Packages and Lighting to the South West of France.

The Petal Tent is La Bonne Fete's most popular Marquee for Weddings and Events but we also specialise in Outdoor and Indoor Lighting.

Packages and Bespoke Packages are available with the option to hire extra equipment and decoration.
Oui ici

Oui Ici

If you think of us as the pop-up wedding company, bringing all your celebration furnishings and décor needs, to where ever it is you want them setting up.

Based in the Charente Maritime Samantha Webb can also assist in planning your special day.

'The heart wants what it wants and sometimes you can't change that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise'. W Allen

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Our High End Premium Partners are personally selected by Brides of France as the very best in the French Wedding Industry


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