Motion Craft Creative Sebastian Thomas

Capturing imagery and sound from beautiful natural settings - cinematic storytelling
My name is Sebastian Thomas and I am a half French, half Australian filmmaker living in the south west of France. I first developed my passion for film production from my love of nature, the outdoors and sports. This love for capturing imagery and sound from these natural settings has led me from Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches in Australia to Europe in search of new projects and experiences in which to immerse myself. The ability to capture moments of beauty and joy during a wedding, the creativity of post production and editing, and above all the chance to experience new and different things with each film project is what draws me to the art of filmmaking.

The french Dordogne region probably ranks as one of my favourite spots to film, due to the huge number of amazing venues, each steeped in their own particular history. It also has a great mix of both French and English culture.

I would describe my style of filmmaking as cinematic storytelling. I aim to really delve into your story as a couple and for it to really reflect throughout the film. What I dislike in the film industry is what i call ‘video slideshows’ - a nice sequence of images put to a soundtrack. Each film needs a story to be told, it needs to engage!.

Weddings are such a great event to be present at and to film. A wedding is a celebration of life, love, friendship and family - they not only have such a great energy and vibe, but they are also packed full of beauty. This makes it an absolute pleasure to capture:)

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